Saturday, April 25, 2009

Updating my blog roll

Over at Jim West's blog, he's put up a post with a pie chart reprsentation of "where bibliobloggers live and work". He states that "the South is well represented" which I at first took to be us folk in the southern hemisphere but of course he really meant folks in the southern states of the US - typical Yankee! But he got the data for the pie chart from the complete list of 213 biblioblogs here. Checking out the list I found that most of us true southerners come from the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa. I think Kenya is south of the equator or close enough to it that I'll count it in. Singapore too. So I've decided to add all those blogs to my blog roll. We true southerners should all link up, I reckon. So from Australia I've added Judy's research blog (Gospel of Thomas), Mark Stevens' Scripture, Ministry and the People of God, and Tim Lewis' Source Theory; from New Zealand Tim Bulkeley's Sans Blogue and Gavin Romney's Otagosh; from Brazil Cláudia Andréa Prata Ferreira's Estudos Biblicos and Lingua Hebraica, Airton José da Silva's Observatorio Biblico, J R Coffer's A Cruz de Clio and the group blog Ad Cummulus; from South Africa Daniel and Tonya's Hebrew and Greek Reader; from Kenya Ben Byerly's Blog; and from Singapore Tony Siew's Revelation is Real. I've also just discovered from Peru Manuel Rojas' Estudios Biblicos and will add it shortly. I'm also likely in a spirit of ASEAN solidarity to add blogs from Malaysia and Philippines.

There were a couple of other blogs I added today, too: J K Gayle's blog Aristotle's Feminist Subject which is included in the list of biblioblogs under Theory and Receptioon and Megan Rohrer's Transcript. I discovered this blog by accdient looking up the publisher's page for the Queer Bible Commentary. Megan had been writing on Divine Sex Changes in Genesis and citing my Genesis chapter from the Commentary. In her blog sdhe gives "weekly reflections on the lectionary texts through my eyes which are shaped by my experience as a queer, transgender, lesbian, feminist, pastor to the homeless in San Francisco" and I think should be added to the list of biblioblogs.

Also earlier this month I discovered and added I'm Christian. I'm Gay. Deal with it! by an anonymous clergyperson who is out to his congregation. Not a biblioblog but biblical matters are obviously in its purview.

Finally, definitely not a biblioblog but one on Buddhist Studies, Another Note, by a friend of mine here in Brisbane who likewise wishes to remain anonymous. I've also added it recently. I've told him I wish he could be a student of mine; he'd certainly keep me on my toes. Or even better students of each other. In fact, I'd really like it if there could be a bit of a Buddhist Studies Biblical Studies cross-fertilisation. Certainly if you check out his blog you'll see plenty of bloggy goodness that is worthwhile not only from a Buddhist Studies perspective but is rich with insight from a Bib Studies perspective too.

UPDATE It appears that Kenya is on the Equator and so in both northern and southern hemispheres. Singapore is close enough to the equator to be an honorary southerner. I'm still to decide on whether to add Malaysian and Filipino blogs in a spirit of ASEAN solidarity.


  1. Thanks for the link! Now, I've returned the favor and have subscribed to your blog. And looking forward to reading more of what you post.

  2. Thanks Michael... oh and *blush*