Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gay Holy Week

It's Holy Week, for Christians the week that commemorates the final week of Jesus' life leading up to his execution by the Romans and the Jerusalem Temple authorities and then following that his resurrection the first Easter or as most non-Anglophone Christians know the day, Pascha (Paska, Paques, Pasqua etc). Over at the Jesus in Love blog, Kittredge Cherry is running a queer version of Jesus' Passion in daily instalments from Palm Sunday to Easter/Pascha Sunday. Each instalment includes an excerpt from her novel, Jesus in Love, with a "queer-Christian" painting by different artists. I am very impressed by most of the paintings she's included so far and I'm glad to be able to read extracts from her novel - I've yet to get a copy for myself. It's definitely worth checking out. Indeed you can check out each instalment individually almost like a queer Stations of the Cross:

Palm Sunday

Monday of Holy Week

Tuesday of Holy Week

Wednesday of Holy Week

Holy/Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday

Easter Sunday/Pascha

I'll update the links above as Kitt adds each instalment to her blog.

And to add to the Stations of the Cross feel, why not check out Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin's Ecce Homo, a very moving queer photographic rendition of the Jesus story.

UPDATE A very appreciative piece on Kitt's site by Steve W over at the Care2 website has generated some rather vituperative commentary from many conservative Christians. You need to be signed up at the site to leave a comment. I am but had mixed up my password etc and so had a complicated log in which meant that my comment seems to have been lost.

Further Update There is a very definite queer Stations of the Cross over here at I'm Christian. I'm Gay. Deal With It!


  1. Thanks for your thoughtful piece on the Gay Holy Week series. I especially appreciate it because it's being attacked by right-wing Christians at:

  2. I tried to leave a comment at the site but it appears to have gotten lost in the complicated log-in/registration procedure