Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Liberal Party of Australia is disgusting

The Liberal Party of Australia is disgusting, with the exception of a handful honorable people such as Russell Broadbent, Judi Moylan and a couple of others. However they are shining beacons of decency and humanity in a party that is determined to bathe itself in sewerage to gain some cheap kudos playing the xenophobia card. A boatload of refugees/asylum seekers blows up leaving two dead and many seriously injured but for the Liberals this is an opportunity to demonise and make shrill allegations playing to the deep strain of racism in Australian culture. It's a party of vampires and ghouls who pick over the bodies of the dead and injured for sordid political gain. Under Howard they whipped up the toxic sludge of racism and xenophobia for their own short term gain and besmirched this country moral standing in the process. It was a sad, sick and cruel period and it seems the Liberals wont be happy until they've drowned this country in the sewerage of their amoral, inhuman opportunism.

The Australian media, including the ABC, are just as disgusting. ABC news tonight reporting on the hospitalisation of the survivors of this tragedy kept going on and on how no Australians will be disadvantaged by treating these refugees in our hospitals. Disgusting! That the media should play along with the Liberal amorality by playing up notions of injured refugees, by their presence in our hospitals, somehow taking up space that should available for Australians. Disgusting! Clearly Howard's ABC policies have worked and the place has become an Augean stable of inhuman filth! Disgusting!

More here at LP and by Andrew Bartlett

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  1. Those of us (inc. me) who thought Australian culture had changed since the dark days of the 90-odd% approval for the privateering of the Tampa have been proved wrong, I guess. We still have the mentality of a paranoid white settler colony. This is what the Labor immigration minister says:

    "Look I can't confirm anything other than that our force is on high alert for the possibility of a further arrival," he said.

    "As I've indicated throughout the week, we think the risk of further arrivals is high.

    "All the forces, all the customs, all the Defence Force, all the interception resources are deployed."
    It's like they're preparing for an impending invasion...