Saturday, July 4, 2009


We are actually having a winter in Brisbane this year! Right now it's early July and the westerlies are howling outside. I've said to people for a long time that I remember westerlies in June and July but they didn't believe me. However the old Brisbane houses have fireplaces for a reason. Brisbane winters used to be cold!

Tonight coming home it was dark with the wind whipping chill and yet invigorating around me. My scarf was actually blowing around me as I was crossing Bowen Tce (like Tom Baker's Dr Who, I'm wearing a long scarf given me by the NTEU Griffith Branch when I finished working with them last year) and I felt a flashback down timelines to years ago, my teens. I'd felt it earlier in the evening at after sunset. The clarity of the sky when the winds blow is stunning and so when the embers of sunset etch out the western horizon I felt a poignancy and excitement at the same time. I feel almost like a kid again, it's so odd, as the memories of childhood and adolescence flood back. And so it's hard to believe I'll be 57 tomorrow. Forty years ago few people thought that I would. I certainly don't feel 57 but then I think I've always been a bit of a big kid at heart.

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