Friday, July 3, 2009

My Misadventures with Prepaid Mobile Broadband

I'm back home at New Farm after the last week at Chelmer catsitting. They only have dial up there so I thought I'd have a go at prepaid Broadband. I went with Three. What a disaster! Prepaid Mobile Dial-up is a more accurate way of describing it. I made so many calls to their call centre, presumably in India [1] before I was able to get some sort of service happening. Prior to that I was using my friends' dial up. And I can say that the dial up was many times faster than the so-called broadband and had the added advantage of staying connected. When I could finally make a connection, Three would keep dropping out. So there was no way I could have blogged at all - even my gmail would only work on basic html and then only sluggishly.

So much for blogging from the Bible and Critical Theory Seminar next weekend.

[1] I have no complaints about the service I received from the workers. They bent over backwards and did their best, and never lost it even though I'm sure I must have been rather adamant at times. I hope they are getting decent wages and conditions too, something not always the case when the big multi-nationals are concerned.

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