Sunday, May 17, 2009

Biblical Decor

We have been watching the Eurovision Final on SBS tonight. I had already heard on the news this morning that Norway won but didn't hear details of the winning act. But after watching the final I can see that it's in the best Eurovision traditions of big haired divas, wind machines, pretty boys and cheesy pop songs. And this year it was a pretty boy and a cheesy song, with sort of big haired backing divas, that carried the carried the show for Norway. And once the SBS site settles down I'll put in the links. I have to say that I still liked Portugal and I found that I did like Finland, after all, (I saw them on the first semi-final Friday). And tonight I saw Estonia for the first time and thought they were great, too. And finally Germany was delightfully queer - gay boy and dominatrix! His silver pants shined brighter than anything else that night. And a special mention should go to Albania for their interestingly quirky entry.

And so in the spirit of Eurovision, I want to offer a celebration of biblical decor courtesy of Zondervan. I discovered these designer Bible covers the other night when I was checking out the range of demographically targetted Bibles such as the Grandmother's Bible. My curiosity was aroused by the NIV Bloom Collection Limited Edition Bible and found that you could also get it with an Italian Duo Tone Tulip cover or Daisies. I began exploring the range of covers available and what a range! There's a range of bonded leather covers in black, brown, burgundy and even white, which seems to be recommended for the Bride's Bible. Then we get into the Italian Duo Tones. Caramel/Chocolate, Camel/Cranberry, Charcoal/Rich Red, Slate/Concrete, and Tan/Dark Tan. But I had no idea of how bright a Bible cover could be. Starting with Midnight Blue/Moss Green we can move along to Pumpkin/Moss Green, Violet Vines (which seems to go with the Kids Bible), Surf/Mint, and even Hot Pink/Bubblegum. But I have a favorite that one day I really must get, the Razzleberry/Bubble Gum Pink! It looks fabulous and I want it!

The only question I have is: what on earth is a Razzleberry?

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