Friday, February 27, 2009

In which I get a mention on PIneapple Party Time

In case you don't know, my flatmate is Mark Bahnisch, of Larvatus Prodeo fame. Mark is one of the three people behind Pineapple Party Time, the blog on the Queensland state election. The other two are Possum of Possum's Pollytics and William Bowe of the Poll Bludger. Anyway, over at Pineapple Party Time, Possum has put up an open thread today in which he gave deatils of the recent Galaxy polling. I was reading the piece when Mark got home and commented on the interesting results in the last two questions asked by Galaxy on whether people thought Labor and the L National Party desrved to win. I commented to Mark that there were more LNP supporters believing that the LNP did NOT DESERVE to win than Labor supporters who thought that Labor likewise did NOT DESERVE to win. Mark hadn't noticed that. Apparently no one had picked on these results. So Mark put up a post about it and acknowledged that I was the one who spotted it. You can read it here.

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  1. No one at Pineapple Party Time seems to think that P-Plates are an important election issue.

    They are. Many young people are really hostile and will show their displeasure by voting against Bligh.

    A comment on the subject referred to Bligh the bitch. It was removed by the editors of Pineapple Party Time.

    Such a stupid move by Bligh and it might cost her government. Neither she nor Pineapple Party Time seem to realise it.