Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Australia's Greatest Treasurer?

Peter Costello has a piece in today's Age on the Rudd Gov't's stimulus package. The gist of it is Rudd's a Whitlamite. According to Mark over at LP, Costello gave 'a risible performance' on last night's Lateline trying to criticise the package.

All I can say is I'm glad Costello is on the backbench and his mob are out of office. I'd hate to think how they'd respond to the current financial crisis. If they were honest they would have to acknowledge they'd do much the same, as I suspect Treasury boffins are behind the greater part of the package. No doubt it's been tailored to fit some of Labor's own agenda in which case then the Libs would no doubt have produced a more brutopian response. Because if the Howard gov't had survived the last election then I'm sure Costello and Turnbull and co would now be talking about the deficit we had to have.

Also in today's Age, Ross Gittins has a different take on the stimulus package and deficits that doesn't descend into the 'Whitlamites/Russians/Commies/insert favorite outsider Other here are coming' trope.

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