Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jottings turns 1

Today is the first anniversary of this blog. A year ago today I put up my first post here. January 26 in this land downunder is observed as Australia Day which is an unfortunate juxtaposition but an unintended one. January last year I was wanting a date with good astrological aspects under which to launch this blog and it just so happened that the New Moon on 26 Jan '09 was the most apropos. New Moons represent beginnings and this one was in my 9th house, the house of religion and publishing amongst other things, opposite my natal Mercury in my 3rd house, the house of communication. And so it was that on 26 January 2009 Jottings was launched out into the world.

Since then I written some 152 posts of varying quality. Some I like, indeed have surprised me as to how good they are. Some are probably rubbish or at least are pretty inconsequential. And then there's the rest. Hopefully you who read this will think my posts fit across all three categories although I don't expect anyone's choices of good bad or in between to align with mine. If you appreciate some of what I've written then that's good and I'm glad that's been the case.

The whole year has been an interesting one. It started with loss and mourning and has ended with me recovering from a different sort of loss or sorrow from late last year but one which was all my own doing. However this blog is not a personal diary but rather a place where I write or research my thoughts. At times such research can be imbued with more personal elements, other times not. So I can't say if I will write about that sorrow here or not.

Looking back over what I have written I realise there is much that I wanted to write about that still remains unwritten. And so this year I hope to explore some of that terrain. I may also revisit some of the topics I explored last year. In fact I know I have more to say about St Mary's at South Brisbane and I want to write some more on Alan Bray's The Friend, which I recently re-read.

But for now we're having a bit of a heatwave here in Brisbane town. It's summer after all and the worst is there's no real respite at night so it's not the best time for writing a lot at all. In fact it's too darn hot

(Erasure performing Cole Porter's Too Darn Hot, from Red Hot + Blue)


  1. I'm a bit jealous of your heatwave, with a snowstorm moving in here. :-)

  2. I can understand that Thom, having been in a (presumably) mild snowstorm in upstate NY back in late '02. But a Brisbane heatwave with the heavy blanket of humidity, night as well as day, is nothing to be jealous of. But to feed your jealousy I can say that the heatwave has eased, and tonight has been, still is, a glorious night with full moon (blue moon in these longtitudes) that was truly magical