Sunday, October 25, 2009

A bit of updating on the blogroll

I've been making some additions and removals on my Blog roll. I don't like to remove items because, even if people say they can no longer continue blogging, the stuff they've already written is always worth staying linked to. Some people have also closed theri blogs to outsiders but I keep them in the hope that they will re-open. eventually However, a couple of blogs have gone and deleted themselves altogether including James Harding's Calvinolatry, which despite it's short life span, had some good stuff so I'm sad to see it gone completely.

I've made other positive changes too. First off, Ronald Boer's Stalin's Moustache has now moved to Wordpress so I've added his new site to the roll. He says he's moving all his old content over but I'm not deleting his old blog until I know for sure. I've also added English Eclectic, a new blog by Paul Halsall who self identifies as "an English Historian who happens to be Gay, Catholic and a Democratic Socialist". Paul has been living in the US for the last 20 years but is back in the UK now. He set up the vast resource, the Internet History Sourcebooks Project, which includes the People With a History Online Guide to Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History.

I've also discovered Mary Beard's blog, A Don's Life, over at the Times online blogs. Mary Beard is a Classicist at Cambridge and classics editor for the Times Literary Supplement. She describes herself as " a wickedly subversive commentator on both the modern and the ancient world."

There are some other blogs that have relocated and I intend, over the next few days, to add their new sites to the blog roll as well.

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