Sunday, August 2, 2009

Biblical Studies Carnival for August over at Jim West's Blog

Jim West is hosting this month's Biblical Studies Carnival. It's number 44 and he's calling it the Funhouse edition. He starts off saying

Go ahead, glower at me all you like, I’m still calling this the ‘Funhouse Edition’. Funhouses are filled with distorting mirrors and freakish, bizarre and scary sights as well as funny stuff. If you find your benighted self included in this particular freak show, don’t be mad- it’s ok to be a freak. Just remember, I love all, most, some, a few, one or two of you!

Too, it’s good to have fun- even at our own expense sometimes.

And even I get a mention, which is great to see. But it appears Jim doesn't like my decor. He complains of "the ghastly and eye stabbing pink festooning his (my) page" But then Jim's heavily into Calvin and terms himself a Zwinglian. I don't think between those two they allowed much room for pink in their lives. We Catholics on the hand... Jim had better stay away from the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Wellington. Although most of the photos don't do justice to how rosy pink it really is inside. Even the Anglican's St Paul's Cathedral just a couple of doors down the road, are very taken with pink, inside tempered with pastel greens and purples and blues while the whole building exterior is in a delightful salmon pink. But once again the photos don't do justice to how brightly those pinks stand out.

I guess Jim's really lucky I couldn't do a blend of pink and purple on this page :)

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